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A Healthier Menu for 2016

Interest in healthy eating has never been stronger. With many people opting for healthier alternatives both at home and when eating out and a surge in interest as people commit to a healthy start to 2016, it is high time for commercial caterers to ensure that they offer a more diverse menu with healthier options available.

In this article, we look at a range of catering equipment that can help to present a healthier looking establishment and ensure that the health-conscious customer is fully catered for.


Water Chillers

Pure and simple is the key phrase amongst many of the more health conscious consumers and it doesn’t come much more pure and simple than plain water. However, there is a greater interest in transparency, with people becoming increasingly aware of where the food and drink that they are consuming comes from, and what processes it has been subjected to on its journey. Water is no exception. Why not add an extra level of transparency and trust by allowing your customers to see exactly where you are pouring their glass of water from?

A freestanding chiller such as the Classeq Eau de Vie Water Dispenser is a perfect solution if you are offering water on a self-service basis, allowing you to provide both still and sparkling water from a mains supply. This is a functional and highly attractive dispenser that is sure to reinforce the healthy message.

A stylish alternative that is perfect for behind the counter applications or environments such as a self-service breakfast buffet is the Classeq Eau de Vie Table Top Water Dispenser. Compact and elegant, it also offers both still and sparkling water and houses advanced filtration to remove impurities and improve taste.

Healthy Catering


Blenders & Smoothie Makers

The popularity of fruit (and vegetable) smoothies is showing no signs of an imminent decline. Highly nutritious, a well presented range of smoothies is colourful and attractive addition to any menu and offers excellent return on investment with a minimum of preparation.

The Waring MX1500XTEK Xtreme Hi-Power Blender is an exceptionally attractive model at the higher end of our range of Waring kitchen blenders, and offers a supremely stylish solution not just for those healthy smoothies but also a range of other possibilities including bar drinks, soups, salsas, sauces, desserts and dressings.

The Metcalfe Ceado B98 Blender by Ceado, available with a painted base, is another great solution that handles shakes and frozen cocktails with ease.


Pasta Boilers

With so many options for healthy and exotic dishes and especially popular amongst vegetarian clients, pasta is an absolute necessity on any healthy menu. We stock a wide range of pasta boilers to cater for any scale.

From the British made Lincat Lynx 400 LPB Pasta Boiler at the lower end of the budget to the high end Falcon Dominator Plus G3206 Pasta Boiler which features  three baskets, an in-built water faucet, protective lid and powerful burner system and is suitable for both bulk and individual production, we have a range of pasta boilers to suit every scale of premises.


Cooking Healthy

Atmospheric Steamers

With a growing trend for ‘naked’ food, as well as increased interest in more gently and naturally prepared meats, fish and vegetables, it is well worth investing in an atmospheric steamer. These versatile and reliable devices allow you to cook even the simplest food to perfection whilst preserving its full natural goodness and flavour.

Capable of cooking a large volume of different foods at the same time, the Opus range by British manufacturer Lincat is a perfect solution for any commercial kitchen. The mid range Lincat Opus 700 OG7504 Atmospheric Steamer is a long life gas powered machine that has a generous 9.4 cubic foot capacity. Electric powered alternatives are also available.

Whatever trends 2016 brings in commercial catering, you can be sure that Carlton Sales have got the equipment to keep you up to date, and at some of the most competitive prices on the market. If you need advice on any purchase, our expert team is always happy to help. For more information on our product range and financing options, call us now on 01793 512550 or contact us online.